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About me

I am…

... Manuela Hurni, from the beautiful Glarus region! Animals have always accompanied me through my life and therefore today I have my own little zoo at home! I own purebred cats, as well as domestic cats, three Dalmatians and two Degus.

Communication with animals..

... and energy work are among my other areas of interest. Therefore, in 2017, I completed my training in animal communication, as well as "energy work on animals" successfully and with diploma. During this time I learned a lot, much about the animals and much more about me!


… It's very important to me. Since the European is a breed that is not widespread in Switzerland, the Genpol is very small. So I joined forces with Krista Maag and together we try to make the breed better known in Switzerland. Your valuable contacts in the Scandinavian region offer many possibilities here.
Knuddel - Kat