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16.06.2023 - Babys again

DK*Eifes Hedda Lund (Lulu) and Finnlay Magnus v. Tabbygard*CH become Parents to three Kittens.

30.05.2023 - The Babys arrived

The Kittens from Celia v. Knuddel-Kat*CH and Finnlay Magnus v. Tabbygard*CH were born on 30.05.2023.

Mai 2023 - Finnlay sagt Tschüss

Finnlay moved to Kaltbrunn and life there with his new owner.

March 2023 - Anila moves to Aargau!

Anila moved to my daughter an her Wife. She meets two new Cats and gives a lot of cuddels.

17.12.2022 - A new Year again!

In this year i also find some new Friends and had a few great moments. I‘m thankful for all the support from my friends and a lot of good

people! I wish you happy Holidays and a wonderful new year!

01.12.2022 - Moving-Time!

I‘m happy that every Kitten find their „forever home“

Kitten Von Ulani:

Illias von Knuddel-Kat moved to Dänemark to >Eva Köhler and will stay on her breed.

Immi von Knuddel-Kat needed to learn french because he moved to France!

Jamison von Knuddel-Kat moved to his new Family in Switzerland.

Ishani von Knuddel-Kat stay with me as Breeding-Cat and dont need to move.

Kitten from Anila:

Jasper von Knuddel-Kat, Jophiel von Knuddel-Kat and Inola von Knuddel-Kat will stay in Switzerland by their new Familys

Juna von Knuddel-Kat doesnt need to move, she will stay with me in Schwanden in my Breed!

06.07.2022- Die Babys sind da!

Ulani hat born four Kittens

19.06.2022 - Ulani is going to be a mother!

DK*Boholdt Ulani and Finnlay Magnus v. Tabbygaard going to be parents! They will have their kittens in the begining of July.

8.05.2022 - The Babys are here!

Anila von Kunddel-Kat has born 4 Kittens on the 18 of May 2022. They are all fine and grow up fast!
Knuddel - Kat
DK*Boholdt Ulani Geboren: 21.08.2015 Rasse: Europäer Farbe: EUR d22 Fellfarbe: rot gestromt Vater: DK*Breath-Taking’s LöveHjerte Mutter: DK*Breath-Taking’s Tusnelda
Finnlay Magnus v. Tabbygaard Geboren: 30.09.2019 Rasse: European Farbe: EUR ns 22 schwarz silber gestromt Vater: CH.DK*Boholdt Magnus v. Heaven Mutter: SE*Wawe’s My B2B Eulalia