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17.12.2023 -What a year

At the beginning of the year, no one would have imagined what this year would bring us. The landslide at the end of August completely

turned my life upside down and challenged me and my breeding in many ways. It was a very difficult and demanding time, which

unfortunately is not yet over. The situation is still unstable, so returning is not yet an option. Although our house is no longer in the direct

danger zone, it is not allowed to be entered for at least the next 5-6 months. We'll see what next year has in store for us. I would like to

thank all kitten buyers again for their understanding and I am pleased that all kittens have now settled well into their new homes. I wish

you merry christmas and all the best for the new year, good health and great moments with your two and four-legged friends.

30.10.2023- Nearly all moved in there new home

We still can't go back to our house because the situation on the mountain is still unstable. Nevertheless, I am pleased that my animals and

the kittens were able to recover from the exertion and that all of them (except for one boy) could now move into their new homes. I

would like to thank all kitten buyers from the bottom of my heart for their great understanding.

19.09.2023 - And for a moment everything stand still…

August 29th, 2023 brought my world to a standstill for a moment. A landslide occurred in my village of Schwanden and since my house was also in danger, I had to leave the house with all my cats and dogs immediately. The shock was and is still deep. Luckily we were all able to leave the house in time and have now arrived at a transitional property. We have to stay here until the situation on the mountain calms down. Nothing has happened to our home at the moment, but no one knows exactly what will happen next. In order to let the kittens get some rest, the dates for handing over the kittens will be pushed back a little. I would like to thank all kitten buyers for their understanding.

16.06.2023 - Babys again

DK*Eifes Hedda Lund (Lulu) and Finnlay Magnus v. Tabbygard*CH become Parents to three Kittens.

30.05.2023 - The Babys arrived

The Kittens from Celia v. Knuddel-Kat*CH and Finnlay Magnus v. Tabbygard*CH were born on 30.05.2023.

Mai 2023 - Finnlay sagt Tschüss

Finnlay moved to Kaltbrunn and life there with his new owner.

March 2023 - Anila moves to Aargau!

Anila moved to my daughter an her Wife. She meets two new Cats and gives a lot of cuddels.

17.12.2022 - A new Year again!

In this year i also find some new Friends and had a few great moments. I‘m thankful for all the support from my friends and a lot of good

people! I wish you happy Holidays and a wonderful new year!

01.12.2022 - Moving-Time!

I‘m happy that every Kitten find their „forever home“

Kitten Von Ulani:

Illias von Knuddel-Kat moved to Dänemark to >Eva Köhler and will stay on her breed.

Immi von Knuddel-Kat needed to learn french because he moved to France!

Jamison von Knuddel-Kat moved to his new Family in Switzerland.

Ishani von Knuddel-Kat stay with me as Breeding-Cat and dont need to move.

Kitten from Anila:

Jasper von Knuddel-Kat, Jophiel von Knuddel-Kat and Inola von Knuddel-Kat will stay in Switzerland by their new Familys

Juna von Knuddel-Kat doesnt need to move, she will stay with me in Schwanden in my Breed!

06.07.2022- Die Babys sind da!

Ulani hat born four Kittens

19.06.2022 - Ulani is going to be a mother!

DK*Boholdt Ulani and Finnlay Magnus v. Tabbygaard going to be parents! They will have their kittens in the begining of July.

8.05.2022 - The Babys are here!

Anila von Kunddel-Kat has born 4 Kittens on the 18 of May 2022. They are all fine and grow up fast!
Knuddel - Kat
DK*Boholdt Ulani Geboren: 21.08.2015 Rasse: Europäer Farbe: EUR d22 Fellfarbe: rot gestromt Vater: DK*Breath-Taking’s LöveHjerte Mutter: DK*Breath-Taking’s Tusnelda
Finnlay Magnus v. Tabbygaard Geboren: 30.09.2019 Rasse: European Farbe: EUR ns 22 schwarz silber gestromt Vater: CH.DK*Boholdt Magnus v. Heaven Mutter: SE*Wawe’s My B2B Eulalia