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Statement of Costs

I sell my kittens for 1`200 CHF. Often the price of a race cat is questioned, so I would like to show a rough cost statement (calculated over 5 years), starting with the breeding cat: · Buy the breeding cat · Annual costs for kennel name / club member (Each breeder must be a member of a club and must have a kennel name, in my case Knuddel-Kat) · Travel expenses to get the breeding cat (sometimes also flights) · Feed costs · Distribution costs · Veterinarian (vaccinations, various health checks) · Exhibitions (important to determine the potential of the cats) · Expenses for the exhibitions (travel, meals, ...) · Homepage costs · Studfees · Check-ups (especially at first-time mothers) · Evt. Medical care at birth (for example caesarean section) Costs for the kittens · Feed costs · Vet (2x vaccination, 1x chip set including registration · Ad costs · Pedigrees · Travel expenses · Distribution costs If you add up the points and take a cut of four kittens per litter, you get the price of around 2000 CHF. The breed of a race cat is an expensive hobby, where you do not earn money. But that's not important to me. Breeding is a matter of the heart for me! I enjoy it and the love that every single cat of my breed gives me is priceless. It does not matter to me that I get rich, but that the kittens can find a great place to live and lead a happy life.
Knuddel - Kat