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The Breed

The European is a race cat and is bred in Fifé standard. She is a very intelligent, adaptable and cuddly cat.Some people say, she looks like a normal Housecat, but there is one important difference. In the case of a Farmcat, the fathers are often unknown, which means, for example, that a possible inbreeding can not be ruled out. Thus, the multiplication Diseases can not be controlled and different breeds are mixed (this could easily be detected with a genetic test).Therefore, we check every mating exactly. There are several issues that must be considered. Inbreeding Inbreeding is not allowed in European breeding. Based on the pedigrees and a specially developed computer program for this purpose, we can precisely determine the level of the inbreeding value (attributed to the last 10 years) and so we can check, if a mating would make sense. The Genpol is still very small in Switzerland, so we had to do some matings with Europeancats Denmark, Finland or Sweden. This is a complex undertaking, which we gladly accept for a healthy and diverse European breeding. Mixing Purebredcats In our breeding we do not want racial mixtures. This means that our cats will be paired exclusively with purebred European cats. Healthy check Our cats are regularly checked for their health (HCM sound, FIV / FELV test, etc.). So we need to have a big knowledge about various types of cat diseases and good observation skills. In order to prevent the spread of hereditary diseases, diseased animals are castrated and no longer used for breeding, but neatly cuddled and spoiled as a lover. Colours If we know what colors the parents have, we can determine exactly what color the kittens will have. So we can achieve a variety of colors As you can see, breeding requires a tremendous amount of specialist knowledge, which we have acquired in various further education courses. A litter is carefully planned and documented. All these things are important in order to promote breeding in Switzerland. The most important thing for me, however, is to have healthy cats, to give them a good life and to make them part of the family!
Knuddel - Kat